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Support OSRS with cheap rs gold 07

Post  haflrunes on Fri Jan 24, 2014 10:19 am

There are still a lot of details about the rejuvenation of the wilderness, and all of you are the master of that update. Tell Jagex which cheap rs gold 07 one do you prefer and which one you do not interested to help them to make old school runescape better and better!

The improved draw distance really brings Gielinor to life. As you move around, cities and towers are visible on the horizon, while lush landscapes roll away from you. It stops Runescape from feeling so enclosed and really shows how massive the world is. HTML5 also means that you've got more control over the camera and you can move the viewpoint a full 360-degrees, zoom in and out, and even see the sky for the first time. WebGL means that softer shadows and reflective water can be used for the first time, too. You can see the differences in the game by comparing the two screenshots below. The original Runescape doesn't let you see far into the distance, there's no sky and the water looks rather flat; Runescape 3 completely changes that.
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You Are Able to Buy RS Items from Solomon's Store with Loyalty Points Soon

RuneScape Members' Loyalty Programme is long due an overhaul, and you'll see just that this month. First up, Jagex is merging Xuan's Loyalty Store with Solomon's General Store. That means the long waited ability of the players come ture soon, then you will be able to buy runescape items from Solomonís Store with Loyalty Points.


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