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Post  isla mann (Lea) on Wed Dec 31, 2008 4:11 pm

Very Happy finding a balance is whats important, and some people like to upset the balance, for some reason they think its funny to bring up topics that would often offend or upset others. The Buddah on the cape represents the guild anyone wearing it also represents the guild when they are in towns or out posts. We are a peacfull fun loving guild who like nothing more than to help others, Sorry is to late and I wont listen to any feeble excuses. They are kicked stay kicked and put on the block list because I dont want to hear about how they didnt know it would upset anyone they cross the line and dont heed a warning they cant be trusted and I dont want realy good people leaving the guild because of some smart arse. Im not around all the time and thats why I have good officers in place to watch over the guild and the members and in my absences if anything like this should occur they have every right to boot the offending person out of the guild. I wish you all peace happieness and a wonderfull new year((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))) Lea Smile
isla mann (Lea)
isla mann (Lea)

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Post  Spawny on Wed Dec 31, 2008 6:57 pm

Well said Isla. I fully support you in this topic and i will do my best to help the guild keep a good image and to keep our lovely good members where they belong: With us!

I will also announce here that i have invited my 2 older brothers into the clan: Dr Arb (oldest brother and made me play Guild wars) and Evallion (my rebellion brother in a certain way... he might say wrong stuff from time to time.. i'll inform him as best as i can.) The reason why im putting this right in this topic is cos if they miss behave i will take full responsibility for their actions. If they might insult you or do something wrong. Please let me know and if you think its TO much: feel free to kick them.

Just cos I said this, dont think they are stupid or something cos they arent ^^. They will most likely not even get close to wrong stuff but i know my reb bro he might make some miss placed jokes from time to time. Just incase: Hes no racist or anything, he just shares my strange taste for humor.

Anyways... cos im going totaly off topic i believe. Help Isla and the guild keeping it a fun place for all of us. I'll be there to back you guys/girls up with anything!
I wish y'all a happy new year and lots of good times! ((((((((hug all)))))))))

~ Spawny <3

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