fifa 14 ultimate team coins phishing scam open

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fifa 14 ultimate team coins phishing scam open

Post  cheapcoinse on Mon Jun 23, 2014 11:00 am

Scammers are trying to hijack the Xbox 360 Live and EA Beginning accounts of FIFA 14 players through Instagram. Detailed by Malwarebytes, your phishing targets users of a combination of a collectible greeting card game and fantasy football league introduced towards long running EA Activities series in 2011.

Your scam, operating by means of instagram account @easportsut2014, purports to get from an endorsed EA channel supplying updated and elevated player cards to get Ultimate Team based on the performance connected with real footballers in the world cup throughout Brazil. These offers after that direct victims with a fake url which is often used to capture gamer login details. Scammers use these details to take an Ultimate Company card buying spree, stocking up on a portfolio connected with expensive cards which have been subsequently sold in, leaving the player which includes a large bill and also the scammer with a new tidy profit.


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