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I guess you guys are wondering where Anna came from eh?
Well,if you turn right at Fort Ranik and keep heading East,eventually (if you're very lucky) you'll come to a place called Ah-Tu-orrum.
Don't bother trying to find it on the map,it is'nt there.
Ah-Tu-Orrum was once home to a race known as the Morphics.The Morphics were a strange and reclusive race,known to the outside world only in legend.Tales of thier mysterious shape shifting abilities were told only in stories round nightime campfires.
Many (well,not that many actually) years ago,Fernrot Morphic was sitting at his Kitchen table drinking a large mug of the traditional Morphic brew known as Co-Fee,when he heard a loud knocking at the door of his Ackbod (the traditional Morphic dwelling).
When he opened the door,he saw a wicker basket.In the basket was a small newly born baby and a scroll.
He hurridly carried the basket into the kitchen and set it down on the table.Opening the scroll,he read.."This is Anna.Please take care of her."
Well,the months passed and Anna was raised as a Morphic.One day Fernrot's wife Moronia ran into the study shouting excitedly.
"She spoke!!She spoke!!" Fernrot followed his wife into the nursery and peered over the edge of Anna's playpen.
"What did she say?" he asked.Moronia smiled and gestured to him to listen."Speak for Daddy" she said smiling at the girl.
Anna giggled."Buttmonkeys!" she exclaimed.Fernrot looked puzzled."Buttmonkeys?" he asked his wife questioningly."What's a buttmonkey?"

Moronia shrugged in puzzlement.
One day when Anna was twelve,she was sent to study under the great Warrior Argott to learn the ways of the Morphic fighters.
She was a slow learner,and by the time she was sixteen,she had still only reached level 14.
One day,news reached the academy that the town of Ah-Tu Orrum had been attacked by their deadliest enemies The Grottons.
The Morphics had decided the best defense was to change into animals thus making the Grottons think they'd fled.
Unfortunatly,they all changed into swampbeasts (The Grottons favourite meal) and were eaten with some marsh mushrooms and a nice Grotton grogg.
Anna was devastated.The only family she'd ever known had gone.......ended up as a Grotton meal.
She vowed to avenge her adopted people and set off to hunt down every last Grotton.Unfortunatly,as her sense of direction is terrible,she ended up in Ascalon.Anna hated Ascalon.It was a noisey place full of loud people.However,while she was there,she heard talk of an invasion.Apparently,a race known as the Charr were planning to blow up the Great Northern Wall and invade Ascalon,and every soldier,mercenary and hero they could find would be needed in the fight to rid the civilised world of this threat.
"Well...." she thought while sipping on her mug of Co-Fee,"I'm not much of a hero,but i don't like big furry guys with big teeth and bad dress sense.I don't like Ascalonian Co-Fee much either,but that's another story." And so Anna joined in the fight against the Charr.
She fought them from Ascalon to Grenditch,then fought them all the way back again.(Her sense of direction still sucked,as she was aiming for Lion's Arch).
As word of her deeds and her terrible sense of direction spread,she eventually managed to get as far as Beetleton.
Sometime around this point,she met a Warrior named Isla Mann."Funny..." said Anna...."I could've sworn you were a woman."
Isla groaned."Gawd!If i hear that gag once more,i think i'll scream."Isla pondered for a second,then took a swig of her Tyrian koo-la drink.
"You're supposed to be pretty good with a sword ar'nt you?"
Anna nodded."So they reckon.....i guess."
"I'm forming a Guild" Isla smiled."Suppose you throw in with me?"
Anna thought for a second."How much is it gonna cost me?" Isla eyed the money bag on Anna's belt."How much you got?"
Anna counted the money onto the table."About 10k." Isla held out her hand."Good enough!! Welcome to whatever the heck we're gonna call ourselves partner."
And so,Anna Morphic....orphan,warrior and elite co-fee maker had become a legend in her own tea-time.She hoped whatever spit-roast her foster parents were on,that they'd be proud of her and that they went well with barbecue sauce.
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