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Post  Mydea on Wed Mar 04, 2009 4:35 pm

Guy Mydea is the younger sister of the Mydea family. Her brothers (Vigaro, Virago, Davinius, Ziphilious and the most wise Tejima) all found there way in the three different continents. Some of them are retired from battling while the others still visit the battle fields once in a while.

Guy wanted to be a strong warrior just like her brother Virago but also wanted to be as wealthy as her brother Tejima. She wants to see as much as the world as possible. She already knew how to take care of herself because her brothers where traveling all the time, so one day she gathered her stuff, grabbed a sword and went to Ascalon.

She isn't the type to hang around in the same place to long. So at her young age she has already seen a fair amount of capital city's in Tyria, Cantha and Elona.

Although she started her adventure only a couple of days ago, she is already rich and have seen some of the world. Only thing lacking at the moment is strenght.

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