Just a Few Reflectional points.........

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Just a Few Reflectional points......... Empty Just a Few Reflectional points.........

Post  Anna Morphic on Sun Feb 01, 2009 9:58 pm

Well,i seem to get on here less and less these days.....i guess by now you all know the reasons for that.
I have a feeling it will be more and more infrequent in the next few months,so i wanted to leave you all with some advice from Auntie Anna.
I've made some big boo-boos over the past 2 years.(ok....so has Isla,but she's the boss),so here's a few things for you guys old and new to try to avoid.

Never get into an open arguement with a buttmonkey on screen.Half the time,they do it just so they can report you,and usually everyone takes thier side,so it is'nt worth it.
Never,EVER give valuable stuff to new guys until they've been around for at least a month.If we had a platinum bar for everyone we've given stuff to who've left the same week,we'd be a very rich Guild.
Don't get too downhearted when the Guild is empty.I've learned from experience that new guys come and go,so this is going to happen from time to time.Don't forget,for every ten we lose,we eventually get a player worth having on the team.
And finally,if you consider leaving....really think about it first.Alot of guilds are bigger,more active and with mega faction,but you won't find another place like this one.Friendliness has always been our first aim.
I bet you guys knew all that already right? Still,i just wanted to say it,so i've got it off my chest.
It's taken a long time for us just to get this far......a lot of sleepless nights,manic recruiting,running new guys all over the map, etc.etc. But i can tell you this place and what you guys do is really appreciated.
The Guild is an imaginary place,but it means a lot to Isla.Keep it up guys.....Thanx.
Anna Morphic
Anna Morphic

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Just a Few Reflectional points......... Empty Re: Just a Few Reflectional points.........

Post  Spawny on Thu Feb 19, 2009 3:51 am

Though i noticed this post a bit late (like ehm 18 days later LOL) I would like to add a few words to Lea (as in the guild, not just Lea ^^)

Im known to be the most and biggest spammer in lea (hurray) and i like to keep it that way :p (dont cross me or you shall perish!) But i wanna say that this guild has been great and the advice Anna gives here is realy handy. This should be added: Dont give stuff to new guys in guild, but also when they are from ally. Helping them is a good thing but dont give them stuff :p.
Also its important to be careful on what you mention in which chat ^_^, for example: Mentioning religions isnt such a safe subject when your kinda unknown for the people reading it Razz.
Be friendly at all times :> even though you think the person your talking to is a complete idiot ^_^ I know this falls under the point of arguing with buttmonkeys, but not everyone reads the buttmonkey post (they should!!!! its hilarious)

Bout the guild thing of more active ones and larger factions, if your a competitive person that wants to be active and dont give flying fart about friendly chats and nice helps and being pushed by your guildies to farm farm farm farm farm. I suggest you find another guild Smile

If your more like a social person playing for fun, willing to have a nice chat with people who arent buttmonkeys -> stay with us Smile Im sure we can make it worth it.

And ofc a few words for Anna and Isla: Thnx for making this wonderfull guild and getting nice and friendly people in it. Its a nice place and im thankful that im part of it Smile
The nice and friendly part isnt only Isla's and Anna's work.. everyone reading it and not reading it.. being part of it (or maybe not anymore) have made Lea to what it is today.

Just a small point of view when im tired i seem to feel like writting. I havent expressed all :p (mostly cos i forget to write things as im busy writing xD)

Peace and love everyone!

~ Spawny <3 (the one and only Razz)

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