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Post  Anna Morphic on Sun Dec 21, 2008 2:32 am

Nice to have Sarah back in the Guild again.Things seem a bit more right again now,so that's cool.
I just wanted to say that whenever people come back to us,they always say " i wondered if you guys would still be here."
That's understandable.As someone said to me tonight,everyone who's got a guild wars account and a couple of K for a cape wants to start a guild.They don't usually last that long.I dunno if people are right and we're a great Guild,but we've been going over a year and we're still breathing.We just kinda muddle our way through i guess.
Running a Guild is'nt as easy as people think.When we first set up,i set about the role of Officer like it was a part time job.If you're serious about making a go of anything,then you have to be dedicated.I kinda ran myself into the ground with the ammount of hours i spent on here and getting up and doing a days work in the daytime.It was a bit silly really,but it kinda got the ball rolling and earned me a name for being a nutter.(mad
We have always had great and unique members.We've been lucky really,but there's always a few that don't like it here,and there's some who fit right in.Our small family of players has always made carrying on worthwhile.We ar'nt the best,we're not the biggest,and we're not the owners of a huge town with faction slaves as members.What the heck we are,i could'nt say....but we are comfortable.Lea is a place where people can come on,have fun,chat and make friends.It always has been and it always will be.
I guess the bottom line long as Isla ,Nandi and myself have an internet connection,Lea will still be here.That's what we've always said,and that's how we'll always play it.So if you leave and then start playing again,don't be too shocked if Lea is still here.We're in this for the duration guys.
The Indestructable....AnnaX.
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