is guild wars going down the pan?

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is guild wars going down the pan? Empty is guild wars going down the pan?

Post  isla mann (Lea) on Tue Dec 09, 2008 9:46 pm

No Ive been pretty fed up with guild wars the past few weeks... why? because im fed up with the place being over run with kiddies, Anna recruited a new member for us, it turned out he was 11 years old, he whined and groaned about being bored and "where are you guys what are you doing, can you play the game for me" , I got sick of it and kicked him out, nothing wrong with younger players we have a few in the guild that act very mature and enjoy playing the game, but latley every town you seem to go to is full of silly kids picking fights with other people or just making a nuisance of them selfs, is it me or am i just getting old, Smile catch you laters guys, Lea
isla mann (Lea)
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is guild wars going down the pan? Empty Re: is guild wars going down the pan?

Post  Anna Morphic on Wed Dec 10, 2008 12:16 am

If it's just old age,then i'm getting even older than you hun!
Look...the thing is,this is an interactive game.The concept of interactive to a lot of people(and not just the young ones either.I've had plenty of run-ins with older players too),is to be as abusive and annoying as possible.
I don't believe for one second that the aforementioned member was 11,and i think we proved that later when he'd been (quite rightly) ejected from the Guild.Some people just get thier kicks out of annoying others as much as they can.
I do feel that there are too many kids on here now tho.I make the distinction between young people and "kids".Young people as you said,are great.We have a lot in the Guild,and they are invaluable.But kids are a different bowl of chilli.They whinge,whine,and generally upset the whole atmosphere of the place.I don't mind helping people,in fact that's half the reason i play.But when you get someone asking you to more or less finish the game for them,buy them armour and do everything but the washing up,then somethings wrong.
Yes...there is an element in the game now that is'nt very nice,but i've encountered that a lot in the past.
When i've been recruiting (in pre especially)i've been sworn at,insulted,had my head messed with and even had some mini perv try to have cyber sex with me.That's one of the reasons i hate it there so much.I think maybe it's about time plaync got things in order and banned accounts owned by people who are so obviosly not of an age to play,and also people who are abusive.I know they're supposed to be monitoring the game already,but i don't think thier hearts are really in it.
All in all,i agree.The fun that used to be in the game is'nt quite there anymore,and it's these buttmonkeys who are to blame.
I rest my case.
Anna Morphic
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