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Sorting time again Empty Sorting time again

Post  Anna Morphic on Mon Jul 21, 2008 11:08 pm

Over the next few weeks,we will be reviewing the Officers again.
We don't particularly like demoting people,and it's never personal.In Lea,an Officer's post is'nt the "hey...look at me.i got a title and i'm important" post it is in most Guilds.People who become Officers are asked for a specific reason.That reason is to enhance the guild for the good of the members.
If someone is'nt doing this,then thier place could be taken by someone who will.Like i said...not personal,just something we have to do.
Over the past 10 months,we've rarely been lucky with our choice of officers.Only a handful have ever grasped what the job involves.
A good guild is not only good because of it's leader,it's good because of it's members and mostly because of it's Officers.
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