A quick word about Hamed

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A quick word about Hamed

Post  Anna Morphic on Wed Jul 16, 2008 11:25 pm

As you may have seen,Hamed has rejoined us. (coolio)Hamed is a very nice quiet Guild member,and we were quite surprised when he left.
It transpires that he left because Siavosh had been nasty to him.We figure because siavosh was an officer,Hamed felt he could'nt say anything to us about it.
We have since kicked Siavosh because of this.(he's gone off to play wow anyways......loser!)
If you get the chance,try to have a chat with Hamed.He's very nice,but you will have to be a little patient as his english isnt quite up to speed.Welcome home Hamed.We missed you hun.
Just as an afterthought,i would remind Officers that if they witness any occurences of bullying or abuse in the guild,please don't hesitate to do something about it.That's why you are Officers.That's why we made you Officers,and we will back you 100% if you feel someone has done something that warrants kicking.Please......don't leave it till it gets so bad everyone is made unhappy by it.Kick some butt guys!!
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