Isla Mann the start of a new begining

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Isla Mann the start of a new begining Empty Isla Mann the start of a new begining

Post  isla mann (Lea) on Sun Jun 08, 2008 1:53 am

I learnt the art of becoming a warrior from an early age. I was the only daughter of Arbus Mann and Latisha, my late mother. I wanted to prove myself worthy of wielding a sword and one day leading my people as my good Father had done, my mother was killed by the charr when i was seven and i made a vow on her grave I would fight every last one to avenge her. My father said he would never marry again and missed my mother with great sorrow we became close and he taught me so much about being a good leader. The villagers whisperd about my fathers great heartache and decided he should meet someone to be happy in his twilight years,they arranged that whilst he was out hunting he would rescue a wealthy widow they knew of and it would be a good match. I was upset as i didnt want a step mother and was angry with the villagers for meddeling, my Father was happy again and even happyer when they married and she later bore him a son. I knew it would be many years before he would be old enough to lead our people but i would now just be keeping his seat warm untill he was of age. My step mother thought it might be a good idea to hitch me up with one of her wealthy cousins bringing more power and land into the family. He came to visit once and I had made up my mind that i hated him he was covered in red hair and reminded me of my arch enemy the charr, I tried to talk to my father about the union my step mother was setting up but he just smiled and said it would be good for our village and for me. It was at that point i decided to leave and seek my own fortune, my uncle had left me his firey dragon sword when he had passed away and a few other trinkits that might be of some value. I packed all that i could manage for my journey and left when everyone was sleeping. I knew I could never return to this place as I would have brought shame on everyone. My Journey would not be without peril and danger, but I felt I was ready to meet my fate and take on any challages that crossed my path. A few flickering lights in the distance told me that i was nearing a safe place to rest. I forged on towards them and could hear jolly laughter comming from the inn.
isla mann (Lea)
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