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Post  Anna Morphic on Sun May 24, 2009 11:25 am

Wow!!!!!Guild Wars 2 is coming over the horizon.I'm particularly looking forward to it,because it will introduce a whole new generation of players who can spout on about how great the game is,how brilliant the Guild is,and how much better than W.O.W it is......then dissapear into some other Guild or just go and play another online game.
That sounds just a little nasty does'nt it?
Well....yeah.I can see that.To be perfectly honest (and i won't go on about all the recruiting,helping etc. details again.I think you've heard them enough from me) i'm pretty much fecked off with it all.I hav'nt been online for weeks now,and that's not due to outside commitments.I'm just fed up with it all.Oh...i expect i'll show my face sometime or other,but for now i'm just a very dissapointed long term player.
I sat here a few weeks ago,and wondered just what the hell it is that we acheived with all that time and effort.I could'nt come up with an answer.
Guild Wars 2? ........ just another excuse to waste another 2 and a half years of my life as far as i can see.

Anna Morphic
Anna Morphic

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Between The (Guild) Wars Empty Re: Between The (Guild) Wars

Post  Chimiko [lea] on Sun May 24, 2009 12:15 pm

I'm not too interested in GW2 when it comes to the playing part. But I thought about it often since the announced that there would be a GW2.

It's sad that everything one achieved in GW will be dust in the wind and have no relevance (except for some strange kind of achievement trophy hall). I really kinda connect with my characters (even if that sounds weird), but I don't want them to be stuck in their development, just because there is a new and not connected part of GW. The idea of having a gw2 is strange and makes that other game feel alien to me despite the fact I don't know it since it's not awailable yet.

I'm afraid GW won't be as supported anymore as it is now. It would be great if there would still be some bigger updates and maybe even addons for GW (though I haven't played EotN yet, but that's only a matter of time). Yet I fear that the inventors will think of that as a waste of time. Fast forward, new game, new players, lots of old players pulled out of GW (and it will be even more if there's no good support and nothing new to the good old game anymore). Then again I feel I can go without ppl that follow the hype. Still GW will become very empty and quiet if they're going to treat it as an orphan. I can only hope that there will be a core remaining, especially of our guild because we're just a cool bunch of great ppl I'm glad to share the little spare time I have with.

Just my 2 cents.

Chimiko [lea]
Chimiko [lea]

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Between The (Guild) Wars Empty Re: Between The (Guild) Wars

Post  Spawny on Mon May 25, 2009 5:59 pm

Its everywhere the same people.

You have a game, great activity, lots of fun, you waste hours, days, months, years on it... all of a sudden, bam, new game. 80% of the population will transfer to the new game. While those that had wasted so much cant just leave all behind. Even though so, the thing with developers as you prolly know is simple. We need to get money and we want to give them something new. + We need a better engine and graphics and ect to be able to compete with other games. -> result: a new game.

I've seen it happen alot of times. Example, in my Playstation 2 online time, there was this game called socom 1. (online shooter through ps2) I had a great time. Socom 2 came out, i didnt wanna leave cos i couldnt affort socom 2. What happend? Socom 1 went empty from 2k people to 200 max online (and im talking weekends then at peek hours) Cheats went rampage and none cared about it anymore. Eventualy i got so frustrated with it cos all my friends went socom 2, i eventualy bought it. I played socom 2 for 2 - 3 years. Then... socom 3 came up... gues what? same story. Socom 2 empty out, lots of people went to socom 3; cheats are running rampage there now. I bought socom 3... though it was new and cooler and better in many ways.. i still liked socom 2 more. It was simply more fun to play. Eventualy i just dropped both and went to pc games.

The fact is, you cant stop it. Its called progress only for the sake of getting more money and players, getting a good share of the online market. It also brings along work, people need jobs and they need to stay working. Simply maintaining a server and keeping order isnt that much work. (im coming from a highly regarded multi media course in college/uni and i see how things go on there.) The thing is, you can sit and stay behind, or you can move on. Anyways, considering the size of guildwars, im sure they wont just drop all the help and stuff like that. Though its most likely that over time (few years maybe) they will just lower and lower that. The moment they start talking bout a guildwars 3, the 1st one wont be realy played anymore. Only the die hard fans will stick arround, doing what? Farming/armors i suppose mostly cos pvp will be minimal imo.

Anyways, i know your frustrations but there is little you can do about it. GW 2 is coming and we cant stop it, even though we would simply like to have more expansions but as maybe you read my post i made... they wanted something new and stuff... cant stop it can we? if 75% or more of guildwars community asks for better this, better that, more of this, cool stuff as that... you simply cant stop that. Cos your a few voices screaming into a storm.

Its to bad it will be like that, but since i paid alot for gw 1 to get all parts... its most likely i'll stick arround. Im not sure yet if i buy GW 2 simply cos i play alot of other games and if i get a job.. its not sure if i will have the time to do all.

My 2 cents, hope im not stepping on toes here and you understand what i tried to explain.

~ Spawny

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Between The (Guild) Wars Empty Re: Between The (Guild) Wars

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